We want to take the hassle out of purchasing online.


There is no fine print to provide around this. Wherever you are in the great land down under, you can get access to this offer.

Orders out within 48 hours

If its in stock, we’ll ship it straight out

We are all about the Patrol Experience so from our end, if the bike is in stock we will always attempt to get it moving within 48hours. If there is going to be any issue with this, we’ll let you know in advance.

Items are in stock unless the item is noted as a “Pre-Order” item in which case we’ll advise on lead times for these items or is “Out of Stock” in which case the item is unavailable. We are human; sometimes items will be out of stock or go askew. If we hit a snag with your order, please get in contact immediately we will always ensure we work with you to fix it.

If you need something sooner, just give us a call. Once you buy with Patrol, you are part of the team so we we’ll always do our best to make it happen

Delivery Timeframes

What to expect once it leaves our hands

We mainly utilise courier services as we are generally talking about bulky items. And will keep in contact with you on delivery timeframes as this will depend on where you are located.

Items dispatch from our warehouse in Melbourne (watch this space, we’ll be looking to house in major cities across AUS soon). Once item is shipped, we’ll update you with tracking details.

Patrol Bicycles Australia will not accept accountability for ANY lost, damaged or stolen orders.

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Got more Questions, Need Answers

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